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The 5:11 News Podcast with Chad Davidson covers news from a Christian perspective.

Social media is ablaze showcasing the embarrassing screenshots of Adam Levine as adultery and its definition are being discussed at length. We take a look at how sexual atheism has also entered into the church and why God puts so much weight into the fidelity of our marriage covenants.

Christianity will become the minority religion in America according to a new Pew Research poll. Eminem has the hottest Christian song in America right now. We also talk about the silence as the first Christian nation continues to be attacked. 

Special Guest: Armenian Apologist Artur Asaduriyan


Britney Spears comes out as an atheist saying that there can't be a God if He let her children and family treat her the way that they have. Also with the anniversary of 911 being two days away we look at how it gave birth to a number of false religious and atheistic movements after the aftermath of the evil day.

Special Guest: Armenian Apologist Artur Asaduriyan 

From Andrew Tate to Logan Paul to Mr. Beast and Joe Rogan, the influence of online personalities and Youtube stars is almost unquantifiable. One could call them the prophets of our day as they share their teachings and philosophies to anyone who will listen which just so happens to be millions of people. 

Marvel & DC'S War on God 

Joe Rogan, The Book of Enoch and the Bible with Wesley Huff 

Wesley Huff Youtube Channel 


The Wickedest Man in the World has permeated the culture more than people realize as we look at just how far his satanic tentacles have reached into music, movies and media.

Marvel & DC's War on God 

They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll

A spirit named "Swas" short for Swastika has been haunting the Parkland shooter as it was stated in court that he worships the devil, hates Jesus, God and Christianity. We take a look at lawlessness increasing and the love of many growing cold in the end times. 

FX's new cartoon "Little Demon" showcases a female antichrist and a lovable murderous devil. We take a look at how this show and others like it have bridged the gap for parents and children to laugh at sinful practices and wicked comedy. 

All Love and Discernment Youth Retreat Announcement 

A church bishop gets robbed at gunpoint during his sermon and the criminals walk off with one million dollars in jewelry. Also an atheist apologist shows the inconsistency of attempting to use Marvel's Thor and painting it as a Christian message. 

LIVE in Costa Rica, we talk about a number of ways to share the gospel and how to defend the faith against false religious systems. A special LIVE edition of 511 News!

Witnessing to Mormons Part 1

Witnessing to Mormons Part 2 

Many of the worlds favorite artists, sports stars, and religious leaders have been grooming young children and while the mainstream media has broadcasted the likes of R. Kelley, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell, many more have swept their pasts under the rug and continue under the limelight as their skeleton filled closed has remained closed to much of the public

Satan's Sex Scheme

Elvis- The True Occult History 

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