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The 5:11 News Podcast with Chad Davidson covers news from a Christian perspective.

On today's episode Chad Davidson discusses comedian John Crist canceling his tour because of sexual misconduct and addiction. He also discusses why it is so hard for some Christians to talk about spiritual warfare.

Is Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz too Christian for his own locker room? And how does becoming like the world make young people want to know Christ? What is going on with Kanye West?

The father of a seven-year-old boy loses a battle within the courts when the mother wants his boy to transition to a girl. Paula White is now being endorsed by conservative pastors Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie. Is Christianity on the decline in America?

It seems like LeBron James now wants to “shut up and dribble” when his pocket book might be affected by Communist regimes. What is actually going on in Hong Kong.

On today's episode Chad Davidson discusses the reaction to the Christ-like gesture given by the brother of a murder victim to the convicted murderer and how the "woke" Christian community is adamantly against it. We also play a clip from the Piers Morgan show in which he also gets blowback from the "woke" community...for supporting a transgendered person? What went wrong?

Another megachurch pastor falls away. Can you guess why? Can you guess some of his excuses? comes out with their Top 100 Christians to follow on Twitter. Five signs your church night be headed towards progressive Christianity.

Rapper T.I. is disgusted by the prosperity gospel? And what does 13 young men joining the fire department in New York tell us about our example to our children?

Today’s show is special edition. We will be discussing the topic of addiction of drugs and alcohol, with personal testimony and biblical guidance.

NFL star Drew Brees bows down to the LGBTQ community and Benjamin Watson (somewhat) comes to his defense. Ask yourself this question: who is raising your children, celebrities or Jesus?

Link to my article "Who is Raising Your Kids, Celebrities or Jesus?":


The New York Times is telling us why people hate religion...will it be biblical? What is causing homosexuality? Is there a gay gene?

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