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Todd White has repented…or has he? Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, admits to cheating, but not sinning.

On today’s show Chad discusses how pedophiles are coming after our children during the COVID19 lockdown. And does the Wayfair scandal point to a sex trafficking ring? 

Forever Found Ministries 
Fighting to prevent, rescue, and restore child trafficking victims 

Police Are Fighting Child Exploitation 
PragerU, June 20, 2020 

People Have Been Asking Us About Wayfair…Are Kids Really Sold Online? 
Operation Underground Railroad, July 16, 2020

On today's show Chad Davidson reports to us from the mission field in Mexico and reports on the developments of Jeff Epstein's right hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently arrested by the FBI and who allegedly helped Epstein procure under age women for his pleasure, and also for the pleasure of other very powerful and prominent men.

Bethel fans come out of the woodwork to challenge Good Fight Ministries' new docuseries examining Bethel Church in Redding, California. We look at their questions and show you how we answer their objections. 

Bethel or Beth-Hell? 4-Part Series 
Released June 26, July 3, 10, 17, 2020

PornHub’s dirty little rape and sex trafficking secret and CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo, says we don’t need help from God. 

Pornhub Exposed as Trafficking Hub 
via Exoduscry Instagram, June 30, 2020 

Andrew Cuomo: We Don’t Need Help From Above, Just Look Within 
Shared via Nate Pickowicz Twitter, June 29, 2020 

Michael Jackson’s daughter to play lesbian version of Jesus in a new film. A “Christian” claims that sharing the gospel is a violent act against another person. 

Michael Jackson’s Daughter to Portray Jesus as Lesbian in New Blasphemous Film, Calls Mount to Cancel [Article] 
Christian News Network, June 21, 2020 

This Is It? Michael Jackson and the Moral Decline of America [Article] 
by Joe Schimmel 

“Since conservative Christians keep coming at me…” (Twitter Post] 
Official Twitter Feed of Jo Luehmann, June 21, 2020 

Is SpongeBob SquarePants gay? The Supreme Court lands another death blow to the United States. 

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Gay Agenda [Article] 
By Joe Schimmel 

Liberal Theologians Imploring Gay Propaganda Tactics [Article] 
By Chad Davidson

Ice Cube comes out as a Black Hebrew Israelite, following the trend of rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black. What is the movement and is it dangerous?

What is the Black Lives Matter movement? Who are the founders of the movement? And should Christians be in support of it? And if you are not, does this mean you support black injustice?

On today’s show Chad Davidson is joined by Pastor Jonathan Ball of Blessed Hope Chapel in Ensenada, Mexico to talk about the movie “American Gospel” and the true gospel Jonathan is preaching down in Mexico.

Todd White Rejects “American Gospel” Documentary
Costi Hinn via Twitter, May 25, 2020

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