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The 5:11 News Podcast with Chad Davidson covers news from a Christian perspective.

As Russia and Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine, we take a look as many believers are saying that this is exactly what Ezekiel 38 and 39 speaks about regarding Gog and Magog. We also will take a look at who the Bible describes as the antichrist according to the scriptures. 

Texas Conference Morning Session 2 

Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters have a new movie coming out titled Studio 666, and some are suggesting that couples should take elicit drugs in order to save their marriage.

Artists Reveal Their True Haunted Experiences

Brian Houston steps down as global senior pastor of the megachurch Hillsong. Also we take a look at the emergent church, how it's actually slithered its way into many conservative churches and has turned them into breeding grounds for progressive Christianity and deconstruction. 

The Submerging Church 

Jordan Peterson states that the Bible is more true than true. We take a look at what he really means by that statement. Also the former president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., isn't falling all that well.

A director from the Avengers and DC is being accused of abuse by a number of women that he's worked with in the past. Also we take a look at the issue of hell, Hades and what the Bible says regarding these two different places. 

Comedians Bob Saget and Betty White both pass away days from one another leaving their fans saddened and wondering where they are concerning the next life. We also take a look at the five ways you can kill any church.

They Sold Their Souls: Led Zeppelin 

Should We Unhitch from the Old Testament with Dr. John Oswalt 

Will Elon Musk accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as we look at how the question was posed by the guys at Babylon Bee. Also what did Elon Musk mean when he said he agreed with Einstein in Spinoza's version of God?

The truth is normal is never coming back but the really good news is that Jesus Christ most certainly is. We look back at 2021 and see some of that changes that our society has gone through over the last year. 

Bethel or Beth-Hell? 5-Part Series 


In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Billie Eilish talks about what she watched...actually the type of films that she watched that ultimately caused her to have nightmares and sleep paralysis. We also look at the enemy and his influence on those who are self harming.

Satanism, Pornography & Sex Trafficking 

Joel Osteen gets support from a fallen pastor who calls people idiots for "hating on Joel Osteen." Also more and more parents are having a tougher time understanding their children's depression as it relates to their attachment with social media.

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