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Pastor Timothy Keller tells Christians that their conscience can be clear when voting for pro abortion candidates. What sort of mandates do Christians have when it comes to taking care of the poor? 

Tim Keller rejects claims that Christians must vote a certain way, says stop demonizing opponents 
By Michael Gryboski, The Christian Post, September 21, 2020 

Abortion: How do Trump and Biden's policies compare? 
BBC News, September 21, 2020 

Dr. Anthony Levatino MD, JD describes dismemberment (D&E) abortion procedure in new video from Live Action. It's time to end this in North Carolina! 
North Carolina Right to Life, Inc. via Facebook, February 25, 2016 

Netflix looses subscribers over the Cuties controversy just as a star from a different Netflix show is arrested on child pornography charges. 

Star of Netflix's Cheer docuseries Jerry Harris, 21, is arrested and charged with production of child pornography three days after FBI raided his Chicago home 
By Emily Crane for, September 17, 2020

Joel Osteen’s former associate pastor, John Gray, attempts to ambiguously repent of sexual sin. A brother in Christ is pelted with everything from flour, soda, glitter, and silly string as he attempts to preach the gospel is Charlotte, NC. 

Pastor John Gray says he has ‘submitted to a process of restoration’ after new infidelity allegations 
Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post, August 31 2020 

‘[Expletive] Your Jesus’: Black Man Holding ‘Jesus Saves’ Sign Outside RNC Pelted By Protesters Seeking Social Justice 
Heather Clark, Christian News Network, Sept 1, 2020

Liberal Christian TikTok user claims that Jesus would have been pro-abortion and bases this on Exodus 21. Rapper Lacrae apparently needs to learn what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. 

You can’t be a Christian and a Liberal. It’s literally impossible 
Victoria Hammett, TikTok, July 20, 2020 

What Exodus 21:22 Says About Abortion 
Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason, Feb 4, 2013 

Lecrae on Having a Gay Brother, How He Would React If One of His Sons was Gay (Part 3) 
August 24, 2020

Netflix aims to sexualize 11 year old girls in new show “Cuties”. A psychologist wants us to be mature about pedophilia, which really means more accepting. 

Netflix Twitter Post Apologizes for “Cuties” Photo 
August 20, 2020 

Let’s be mature about pedophilia | Madeleine van der Bruggen | TEDxSittardGeleen 
RedX Talks, April 13, 2020 (5:28 - 7:47)

Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion release an obscene new video that would make porn stars blush. Hasbro pulls perverted doll off the shelves. And Audi pulls a suggestive ad involving a child. 

Tammy Mohr 
Twitter, Aug 7, 2020 

Audi pulls 'suggestive' ad showing girl eating a banana in front of car amid outrage: 'We care for children' 
Ishani Ghose, Meaww, August 4, 2020

Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr. is caught with his pants down, actually posting a photo with his pants unzipped. Seth Rogan comes out against Israel and gets taken to task by someone who actually lives in Israel. If you don’t care about studying the end times you’ve got a problem. 

Liberty Pres. Jerry Falwell Posts Photo of Himself With Pants Unzipped Next to Scantily-Clad Woman in Mimicking Vile TV Show 
Heather Clark, Christian News Network, August 5, 2020 

Jewish Hollywood Star Seth Rogan Attacks Israel 
Hananya Naftali via Instagram, August 2, 2020

Todd White has repented…or has he? Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, admits to cheating, but not sinning.

On today’s show Chad discusses how pedophiles are coming after our children during the COVID19 lockdown. And does the Wayfair scandal point to a sex trafficking ring? 

Forever Found Ministries 
Fighting to prevent, rescue, and restore child trafficking victims 

Police Are Fighting Child Exploitation 
PragerU, June 20, 2020 

People Have Been Asking Us About Wayfair…Are Kids Really Sold Online? 
Operation Underground Railroad, July 16, 2020

On today's show Chad Davidson reports to us from the mission field in Mexico and reports on the developments of Jeff Epstein's right hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently arrested by the FBI and who allegedly helped Epstein procure under age women for his pleasure, and also for the pleasure of other very powerful and prominent men.

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