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FX's new cartoon "Little Demon" showcases a female antichrist and a lovable murderous devil. We take a look at how this show and others like it have bridged the gap for parents and children to laugh at sinful practices and wicked comedy. 

All Love and Discernment Youth Retreat Announcement 

A church bishop gets robbed at gunpoint during his sermon and the criminals walk off with one million dollars in jewelry. Also an atheist apologist shows the inconsistency of attempting to use Marvel's Thor and painting it as a Christian message. 

LIVE in Costa Rica, we talk about a number of ways to share the gospel and how to defend the faith against false religious systems. A special LIVE edition of 511 News!

Witnessing to Mormons Part 1

Witnessing to Mormons Part 2 

Many of the worlds favorite artists, sports stars, and religious leaders have been grooming young children and while the mainstream media has broadcasted the likes of R. Kelley, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell, many more have swept their pasts under the rug and continue under the limelight as their skeleton filled closed has remained closed to much of the public

Satan's Sex Scheme

Elvis- The True Occult History 

Cern fires up their large hadron collider as some believe that this is an opening to another dimension or even the bottomless pit mentioned in Revelation the 9th chapter. Also we take a look at the Georgia Guidestones as they have been torn down after a recent bombing left them decimated. 

All Love and Discernment Youth Retreat Announcement   

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are counseled to embrace their demons for the purpose of their artwork by Deepak Chopra and Joe Rogan. We take a look the demonic nature of their artwork and the foolish counsel that sacrifices these artists at the altar of celebrity.

Lady Gaga, the Super Bowl, Satanic Spirit Cooking and Child Sacrifice 

Miley Cyrus: Perverted Sex Pusher? 

Megan Fox Visits Hell With Machine Gun Kelly 

They Sold Their Souls: Robert Johnson 

Both the Pornhub CEO and COO are forced to resign after a scathing report in the New Yorker shows that their system failed to address underage and non-consenting individuals on their site. Also we take a look at how the world views children as literally lower than dogs.

Rick Warren boasts of training more pastors than all of the SBC seminaries combined as he gives an impassioned speech defending himself at the recent Southern Baptist Convention. Also we take a look back at his ecumenical idolatry and the pragmatic deception that is the “Purpose Driven Movement.”

The Submerging Church 

Five different baseball players on the Tampa Bay Rays refused to use a rainbow logo in support of the LGBTQ community because of religious reasons as the media flips out on them while drag queens are having children perform with them with the moniker "it's not gona lick itself" lit up behind them. Also we take a look at representative Ted Lieu saying Jesus said nothing concerning homosexuality. Is that true?

All Love and Discernment Youth Retreat Announcement 

Stranger Things season 4 comes out premiering with a massacre of children as many of their fans wonder why Netflix wouldn't edit that out considering the largest massacre in the history of Texas took place 3 days before the release of the season. We take a look at the show and some of the concerns Christians should have if they're going to be watching it. Also with all the chaos going on around us what should believers in Jesus be doing?

Kesha: The Satanic Cult Leader 

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