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Balenciaga is caught in a heap of controversy because of their latest campaign involving BDSM and children. Also Tim Allen's latest series "The Santa Clauses" is getting in some hot water for a depiction of elves saying "We Love You Satan."

Hollywood Unmasked Part One 

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The Green Ranger, Jason David Frank who was also the CEO and Founder of the Christian MMA clothing line "Jesus Didn't Tap", dies at the age of 49 as reports have come out that he took his own life. Also a German Catholic Bishop calls Pope Francis a "clever Jesuit" for not showing up to a meeting challenging the Catholic churches' teachings on homosexuality, female ordination and other doctrines. 

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Harry Potter: A Spirit Conspiracy? 

How have shows like "Breaking Bad", "Rick and Morty" and movies like "Fight Club" and "The Dark Knight" help to push a worldview that is completely contrary to the gospel? Also what does it have to do with Friedrich Nietzsche?

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On this special edition of the 511 News we take a look at the recent controversy of not only Kanye West but also Kyrie Irving and the fact that both of them seem to peddling ideas from the Black Hebrew Israelite cults. We sat down with an expert in Vocab Malone to discuss Black Hebrew Israelism and some of the controversy surrounding these celebrities. 

Vocab Malone Youtube Page 

The Submerging Church 

Infamous social media star Andrew Tate converts to Islam as we look as to why someone with Tate's licentious lifestyle might be persuaded to convert to Islam. 

Marvel & DC’s War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley and the Multiverse of Satanism

What do we make of the supernatural events that have happened to actors like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Skarsgård, Patrick Wilson, James Brolin, Carrie Fisher, Joy King and others, who have told harrowing stories of ghosts, demons and spirits connected to the different roles they have played? Could these be ghosts visiting them or is there something more sinister going on?

Do Satanists worship a literal devil and is there evidence that Anton LaVey (the founder of the church of Satan) lied about his true convictions in order to popularize the movement and make it more palatable for general consumption?

What about serial killers Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) and David Burkowitz (Son of Sam), did Satan influence them in their killings?

In this 511 News “Halloween Special”, we look at a number of these “True Hollywood Hauntings” and seek to give answers to some of the mysterious happenings in La-La-Land!

Oprah, Denzel Hollywood Unmasked

Truth About Satanic Cults

Marvel & DCs War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley and the Multiverse of Satanism 

A youth pastor in South Carolina is placed on leave after he handed out stickers with the statement "I love hot youth pastors" to his youth group students. We take a look at youth groups as a whole and whether or not they are a ministry we should be involved in. Also we take a look at a common fallacious method of argumentation waged against ministries who have a specific focus and we show how it isn't logical or biblical to use them.

Marvel & DC's War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley and the Multiverse of Satanism 

Tulsi Gabbard announces via her new podcast that she is leaving the Democratic Party. Tucker Carlson doesn't air everything that Kanye West happened to say in their interview. Also Max Lucado seemingly affirms Glenn Beck as a Holy Spirit filled brother despite his Mormonism. We take a look at how comprising core tenets of the gospel leads to a major error.

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites? with Vocab Malone 

Thomas Jefferson, Jack Hibbs, and the Illuminati 

A brand new Netflix series is already one of the most successful in the company's history. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has fans going wild over another depiction of a deranged serial killer. We take a look at not only Dahmer but the infatuation with the likes of Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy and other murderers. Also did Jeffrey Dahmer give his life to Jesus Christ?

Adam Levine, Maroon 5, the Super Bowl, Serial Killers and Satanism 

Satan's Sex Scheme 

Chris Tomlin celebrates false teacher Joyce Meyer as Dante Bowe is kicked out of the Maverick City Music Collective. Also we take a look at the Christian Contemporary music scene and whether or not there is any hope to be found in listening to the music. 

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