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The 5:11 News Podcast with Chad Davidson covers news from a Christian perspective.

Comedians Bob Saget and Betty White both pass away days from one another leaving their fans saddened and wondering where they are concerning the next life. We also take a look at the five ways you can kill any church.

They Sold Their Souls: Led Zeppelin 

Should We Unhitch from the Old Testament with Dr. John Oswalt 

Will Elon Musk accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as we look at how the question was posed by the guys at Babylon Bee. Also what did Elon Musk mean when he said he agreed with Einstein in Spinoza's version of God?

The truth is normal is never coming back but the really good news is that Jesus Christ most certainly is. We look back at 2021 and see some of that changes that our society has gone through over the last year. 

Bethel or Beth-Hell? 5-Part Series 


In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Billie Eilish talks about what she watched...actually the type of films that she watched that ultimately caused her to have nightmares and sleep paralysis. We also look at the enemy and his influence on those who are self harming.

Satanism, Pornography & Sex Trafficking 

Joel Osteen gets support from a fallen pastor who calls people idiots for "hating on Joel Osteen." Also more and more parents are having a tougher time understanding their children's depression as it relates to their attachment with social media.

Jeffrey Epstein's accomplice in sex trafficking young girls is facing charges related to their dealings while a judge has decided that the case is too sensational and impure for the public to see. Also four high school students have been killed and a number of others injured as 15 year old went on a calculated rampage at Oxford high school in Michigan.

From Squid Game to Hunger Games so much of what has been thrust upon us as entertainment is really conditioning us for the end times.

Hollywood's War on God 

Kiss' Ace Frehley says that Travis Scott's festival was a satanic ritual gone bad and we look back at our discussion with Pastor Joe Schimmel regarding Travis Scott and the spirit of music.

Travis Scott and the Spirit Of Music with Joe Schimmel 



Doritos mixes demons, witchcraft, and homosexuality in their new ad celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Also a young NFL star in Las Vegas kills another young lady while he's drunk driving.

This special 5:11 News broadcast is taken from a video exposé released on video. Many people do not realize the out-of-body encounters and oppression that many of their favorite artists have gone through in order to transform their demons into platinum records. Few realize that some of these artists even go through the pain-staking effort of visiting haunted mansions and even living there to complete their melodic musings.

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