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The 5:11 News Podcast with Chad Davidson covers news from a Christian perspective.

Joe Rogan shows how CNN are just blatant liars while also proving that he doesn't really care about truth when it comes to Christianity. 

Magic Mushrooms origin of Christianity say Dead Sea Scrolls scholar & Joe Rogan 

Jesus and the Manuscripts 

The Heresy of Orthodoxy 

YouTube star and former "Vlog Squad" member Big Nik says he witnessed Hollywood celebrities actually sell their souls when he was big into Hollywood and Todd White says that Jesus became a God hating, Satan worshipping child molester on the cross.

The Truth About Satanic Cults 

Former Mega-Church Pastor's video goes viral when he states that their church was now going to become LGBTQ affirming only to have him say 2 years later that he doesn't care what the Bible teaches. He is now a new age psychedelic drug guru. Also New York magazine puts out an article stating that it's selfish to have children.

Bill Gates is questioned about Jeffrey Epstein and it gets a little awkward. The frontman of Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, sends a message of encouragement to the LGBTQ community as well as gay Christian artist Semler.

The Great Reset: A Live Discussion on the New World Order 

The Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein, Trump & Sex Slaves 

From Hollywood to the NBA it seems as though dressing masculine looking men into women's outfits is all the rage and what is the state of the Christian music scene and is it a reflection of a lot of the American Christian culture and how it is viewed abroad?

Satanists are now saying that abortion is a religious sacrament for their practicing satanic religion and the pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church walk into a meeting on climate change?

Pop star Halsey sings "I'm not a woman I'm a god" in a video depicting what could only be described as the antichrist being birthed on an album that happens to be produced by none other then Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor who also helped produce the album "Antichrist Superstar" for Marilyn Manson. Also a high school teacher in California explains how he turned his students into Antifa members in only 180 days. 

Pastor Greg Locke is teaming up with Bethel's Sean Feucht as we look into the pastor's life and doctrine and see that he isn't saving himself or those who hear him.

Rediscover Bethel and Their Dangerous Doctrines 

What is the Christian position for the things going on in Afghanistan and what happens when discernment ministries show no love and prove they aren't really discerning at all?

The director of the hit show The Chosen Dallas Jenkins says he will die on the hill that says Mormons worship the same Jesus as you and I.

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