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A man opens fire in a Texas church and gets taken out by one of the congregants. The perpetrator’s sister says that the gunman was given over to demons.

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Chad Davidson has officially been released from "Facebook Jail". The Pope now says that we shouldn't evangelize.

Netflix puts out a show that portrays Jesus as gay (and in a relationship with the Devil). Hallmark pulls a homosexual advertisement, then reinstates it. A local football/lacross coach is arrested for taking advantage of young boys.

Should pornography be legal in the United States? Good Place star, Jameela Jamil, brags about her abortion on Instagram.

Candy Cane Tract

The Dark Secrets of Planned Parenthood (DVD)

Pornography Through the Lenses of Scripture (Article)

A substitute teacher in Utah is escorted out of the building for telling students that homosexuality is wrong. Does Jesus being delivered by Mary prove that women should be pastors?

How does Black Friday give us a small dose of what End Times events will be like? And a HIV positive sperm bank in New Zealand is being launched to “help the stigma of HIV”.

"He Comes With the Clouds-The Rapture Pre or Post?" by Joe Schimmel

"The Great Deception" by Joe Schimmel

"The Great Pre Trip Rapture Deception" by Joe Schimmel

"Left Behind or Led Astray?" DVD

Why is Chick-fil-A bowing to the LGBTQ mob? Game of Throne stars were sobbing while filming rape scenes that many professing Christians are watching.

Kanye West is scheduled to speak at prosperity gospel teacher Joel Osteen's church on November 18, 2019. Super Bowl MVP and outspoken Christian, Nick Foles, comes out against the prosperity gospel.

On today's episode Chad Davidson discusses comedian John Crist canceling his tour because of sexual misconduct and addiction. He also discusses why it is so hard for some Christians to talk about spiritual warfare.

Is Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz too Christian for his own locker room? And how does becoming like the world make young people want to know Christ? What is going on with Kanye West?

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