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Demi Lovato is dancing with the devil as she pursues purpose through gender fluidity and Marvel's latest "Loki" is also gender fluid.

UNICEF says that pornography can be healthy for children and an atheist leaves his post after coming to Jesus Christ.

Satanism, Pornography, And Sex Trafficking Docuseries

Josh Duggar Caught With Child Porn And A Church Goes Drag 

Millennials are more likely to believe in horoscopes then an all-knowing God and the same demographic has had suicide climb up to the leading cause of death outside of accidents.

Red Pen Logic With Tim Barnett

Learn more about Good Fight Ministries: 

From 'Jesus Freak' to 'exvangelical', former DC Talk member Kevin Max has come out against the biblical Jesus and traded Him for heretic Richard Rohr's "universal christ". We take a look at the common thread between many of those in popular Christianity who have deconstructed their Christian faith.

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard Walks Away From Faith

Openly Gay Artist Tops Christian Charts

TV personality Chrissy Teigen is being canceled after it was found that she had called for a 16-year-old to commit suicide...but you should see some of the other Tweets she's been forced to delete. A false prophet leaves his wife and ministry behind in order to pursue his own desires.

Satanism, Pornography and Sex Trafficking Docuseries
Good Fight Ministries

Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting caught using the dark web for his child porn fantasies and a Methodist church in Illinois uses their worship service to celebrate drag queen Sunday.

Satanism, Pornography, and Sex Trafficking 

Church elders are under fire for ex-communicating a woman who left her husband for another woman and then bragged about her ex-communication.

Abraham Piper, son of Pastor John Piper, goes viral on TikTok blaspheming God and then proclaiming that life has no ultimate meaning therefore you can have meaning.

Hawk Nelson's John Steingard Walks Away From Faith

Immortal - How the Fear of Death Drives Us with Dr. Clay Jones 

Hillsong pastors resign after an investigation into their sordid gain. The creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer, says that you have lost the plot if your favorite version of Jesus is the table-flipping Jesus.

Justin Bieber releases multiple worship songs, but there seems to be a disconnect between his multiple objects of worship. Democratic senator Raphael Warnock deletes his heretical Tweet on Resurrection Day, saying that the resurrection helps us to understand that we “are able to save ourselves”.

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