The truth behind the viral Plandemic film. And what was Bill Gates' relationship with Jeffrey Epstein about? 

How Would You Feel If Your Son Chose This?? [Video] 
Mikki Willis via YouTube, Aug 23, 2015 

Walking the talk - Mikki Willis, Californian filmmaker ELEVATE [Video] 
Lilou Mace via YouTube, Jan 21, 2013 

The Zeitgeist Deception [Article] 
Good Fight Ministries 

Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut: Response to Zeitgeist [Video Series] 
Elliott Nesch via YouTube 

#HalfWoke: “Plandemic Movie” What You Didn’t Know [Video] 
On Point Preparedness, May 6, 2020 

The Anti-Vaxx Agenda of ‘The Pandemic’ [Article] 
Derek Beres, Big Think, May 6, 2020 

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past [Article] 
New York Times, Nov 12, 2019 

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